WoW Classic: Pay Epic Horseback Riding with Ninjalooter Booty
Anyone who behaves constantly in WoW Classic, builds a dubious reputation on his home server over time - and thanks to Reddit and Twitch even faster than it was in Vanilla WoW. Roysun, his officer of the Guild of Olympus, to which also belongs Asmongold, should soon feel this ...

Imagine that you fight your way through the blackrock depths with a chance group and suddenly the blade master's handguards drop - a rare, really good booty piece that is tied up and therefore very much in demand. And now imagine, the group agrees to let happiness be decided by "greed". But what is it? One of the quintet does not stick to the agreement, chooses needs from us and sacks the part unrivaled.

wow classic

That's exactly what happened recently. You can certainly imagine that the other four players did not like this action so much. The Ninjalooter is even a well-known streamer and an officer of the Guild Olympus, which also includes Asmongold: Royson or Roysun. And it was he who fooled his colleagues in the chat with "all greed". Not surprisingly, the blade master's handguards appeared after the BRT run in the auction house, for 380 to 420 gold.

But it comes even brazen! By selling the item, Royson could finally buy epic riding - and of course he did during a livestream just to thank tens of people before, for example, for inspiring him to be the biggest troll in him plugged. To his victims, he made an apparently unimportant apology for the Ninjalooter action. Her hard work would now make it possible for him to ride very fast through the area.

Now many players hope that those affected will open a ticket because of the incident, as in the past for similar actions spells penalties were pronounced and the deletion of stolen items was initiated. how do you see it? Do you expect a punishment here? Tell us in the comments!

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