WildStar's quality will help it stand out alongside its competitors
With MMO giants The Elder Scrolls Online and expansion World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor due to launch this year, the odds are stacked against original properties like WildStar, but we're convinced that its quality will help it stand out alongside its competitors.

WildStar whisks players away to the distant planet of Nexus, a world once inhabited by a master race who have left a wealth of advanced technology concealed there. Two factions consisting of various races are battling over this newly-discovered treasure trove - The Dominion, a galactic empire who claim to be the rightful heirs to Nexus, and The Exiles, an alliance of refugees and outlaws driven from their homelands by the opposing side.

The world of Nexus is as vast as it is diverse, with a dense jungle littered with the remains of gigantic robots occupying one region, and majestic snow-capped mountains standing tall in another. Then there are subterranean caverns to explore, monster-infested wastelands to cross, and all of the other usual locales you would expect to find in a grand sci-fi adventure.

The controls were fairly standard in wildstar, and it wasn’t long before I was running, jumping, and dodging around yetis. The combat system was quick and fun, and it rewarded players who could react to tells – dodging away from an AoE or interrupting it with a push or a stun not only saved you the damage, it gave a small XP bonus as well. I played as the Esper, a psychic mage that could throw telekinetic blades from far ranges. As the character I was playing leveled up, she got the ability to smash things with a giant psychic fist, which was quite enjoyable, and to make monsters explode (also very fun!), all while still at low levels. I also spent some time peering over the shoulders of people playing the other two classes, and they looked like they were having fun as well. One of the other classes was the Spellslinger, a dual-pistol gunman that incorporated some arcane attacks, and the other was the Mercenary, a more traditional melee fighter that started the game with a powered sword.