Wildstar's off-color humor and masterful Disney style is impressively tuned to appeal to all ages
It doesn’t take long into with Wildstar to have the creeping feeling that you’ve played it all before. The hotbar combat. The levels. The classes and holy trinity of tank/dps/healer. Five person dungeons and instanced player vs player.

For whatever reason, I am not yet weary of the basic tropes of MMOs after 15 years, even as it makes me a little sad that what was once a medium has slowly become a genre. The way MMOs are designed and cranked out simply is, in the same way that strategy games nearly always have tech trees, whether their presence makes sense in the fiction the game is presenting or not.

One issue with bringing these visuals into 3D, however, is the exaggerated cartoon anatomies are very awkward in motion. The walking animation of females from every race look like an hourglass repeatedly breaking in half and the some of the males look like barrels on stilts.

Even the odd, off-color humor is impressively tuned to appeal to all ages. In the masterful Disney style, the content can lean toward more mature themes but present them in a quirky way so that both parents and kids can laugh at the same jokes for different reasons. The inclusion of a narrator also brings an episodic feel to the game that really drives the cartoon stylings home. Strange humor is injected into many points in the game in a moderately successful attempt to break the monotony of the usual MMO grind.

Finally, Here are some WildStar Housing Strategy Guide for you.

Everyone would like to have their own strip of land, somewhere in the wilderness, to be able to build his little house. In Wildstar, this is an option and everyone, who reaches level 14, may receive their own land.

After you meet the requirements, you only need to go to the capital city and you should receive a quest to obtain the house. It mainly consists in seeing the styles of various interiors, after which you go to the nearby hologram of a house. You will then get to your own plot.