Wildstar's next major content update will introduce a plethora of player-versus-player options to the game
WildStar has long hyped itself as an MMORPG that will shake up this landscape, although, so far, it falls short on this front. It highlighted action gameplay, a settlement system, class and path variances, and a unique PvP structure to make gameplay continuously fun and exciting. I was excited to see how different WildStar would be.

Wildstar's next major content update — Sabotage — will introduce a plethora of player-versus-player options to the game, including a 15-on-15 battleground arena, developer Carbine Studios announced today.

Slated for release later this month, the multiplayer mode Sabotage includes new airstrike and explosive options as well as mounts in its massive Daggerstone Pass battleground arena, which players can access once they hit level 30. Within Daggerstone Pass, the objective is to capture and hold certain points within it, which will in turn assist teams in damaging the enemy team's base. Bombs will randomly spawn near bases and can be used by players for various functions — just know they will begin ticking down as soon as they are picked up. According to Carbine, Sabotage's content highlights the studio's commitment to continuously evolve existing gameplay mechanics in Wildstar into something meatier and more challenging.

Everything about WildStar was made with care, and an urge to break typical MMORPG conventions. In the sea of serious and gritty stories and environments, WildStar comes out with a funny, colorful story and world featuring cartoonish characters and ridiculous circumstances. Where most MMOs offers typical mechanical rotations for spells and attacks WildStar makes everything an AoE and makes fights chaotic and flowing. It reads off as a game that set out to betray and be the opposite of every MMORPG that has come out in the past decade and succeeds. Carbine created a game that is full of surprises from the opening cinematic, and broke any and all expectations set upon it in a gleeful manner. After countless disappointing MMORPG launches and games, it’s almost commonplace to approach a new game with caution, with expectations lowering with each failed promise. In the end, it’s comforting that a game can be made that raises the bar on a genre and does it in its own way.