WildStar's combat feels very much like an action-RPG
When it comes to WildStar, most of the character customization is about choosing which template you want to use. You can go into great detail when it comes to your avatar's facial details, but almost everything else is essentially just selecting from a series of templates. There are enough templates to make it stand out from older MMO games, but when compared to the new generation of MMO titles, we're hoping the retail release offers more customization.

The combat feels very much like an action-RPG. If you've played Guild Wars 2, you should have a pretty good idea of how the combat feels in WildStar. There's no auto-attacking in WildStar. All of your damage comes from using various skills and abilities. However, you can't simply lock-on to a target and start blasting away. Much like a standard action game, you have to aim your abilities and skills or else you'll just end up missing all of your attacks. You can change the options to auto-face an enemy when attacking, but for more strategic battles, this could actually be a detriment.

WildStar has you selecting one of four professions (of a sort). You collect resources as you move through the world and then deposit them in predesignated areas in order to build machines that provide bonuses to you and everyone else. You can also reanimate plants, repair broken items, and the such, and it's fun to feel like bringing life to the world. As a result, these interactions become needless busywork, but you still greatly enjoy how you can contribute to other players' enjoyment and success by frequently stopping and collecting vital resources.

If you want To craft an item in WildStar , you have to have a proper Tradeskill (for schematics) and resources. Some resources may be bought from a trader next to the crafting table but other needs to be gathered.

Some items cannot be bought and found. To get them, you have to use an option "Salvage". Each weapon and armor may be take apart on pieces for resources. It's enough to drag such a thing on an icon next to the Tradeskill bag.

Tools are necessary for collecting materials when you have Tradeskill like Mining or Relic Hunter. You can buy them from merchants nearby the crafting places. You have three tools:

Laser Pickaxe - Mining

Relic Blaster - Relic Hunter

Laser Chainsaw - Survivalist