WildStar is an MMORPG where players will fill the role of travelers coming to the planet of Nexus
WildStar is an MMORPG where players will fill the role of travelers coming to the planet of Nexus, a planet that was home to the most technologically advanced alien race, the Eldan, before they disappeared suddenly and mysteriously. Gameplay will revolve around adventuring, discovering the secrets of the planet, and finding out what happened to the original inhabitants, as well as the ongoing war over the planet between the two player factions - the Exiles and the Dominion.

Above all else, Wildstar's greatest obsession is keeping players busy. It has a unique tone compared to its competition, but Wildstar is also very much an amalgam. It's a collection of gameplay and content that may as well have been pulled from a bucket labeled "what fans of the genre expect" — that genre being massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the post-World of Warcraft era. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. The familiarity can be inviting, especially when it allows for more challenging gameplay faster than other massively multiplayer games.

Unique to the game is a Path system, where on top of choosing a combat class for your character, you pick a gameplay element that defines how you play MMOs, falling into the tropes of Explorer, Soldier, Scientist and Settler. There is specific content to cater to each of these styles as you play through the world.

For instance, you choose a Path depending on how you like to play games. If you're a socialiser you choose a settler, who gets benefits for helping other players in the world, you build up quest hubs, collect resources and spend them on stations, buildings, quest hubs and outposts. If you like combat, you can choose to be a soldier. It's not enough to have kill quests and challenges. Soldiers opt in and are given things like assassination missions and given extra rewards for slaying hordes of monsters.