Wildstar is a MMORPG that requires an initial purchase as well as a monthly subscription
Wildstar is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) that requires an initial purchase as well as a monthly subscription. Playing will involve some chatting with unknown players, which could raise privacy, safety, and language concerns. There's some questionable language to be found within game dialogue. Characters use violence to gain levels (and they drink a lot!). Character models are also hypersexualized, especially women. The game is creative, has beautiful graphics, and is really fun to play, but it will likely require some parental involvement to ensure a safe and positive environment for teens.

WildStar! It’s a fresh, shiny new MMO from Carbine, a studio with more Blizzard DNA in them than a spunked-up igloo. Of course, the Blizzard spore cloud has spawned studios and games far and wide, but more so than most WildStar's heritage gives it an undeniable look, taste and feel that will be faintly familiar to WoW players. It brings its own distinct personality to the MMO party however, with a beautifully rendered comic-style that’s intensely art-driven and retina pleasing. WildStar is a devastatingly handsome game, with grand vistas and richly detailed everythings and hoverboards.

I’ve been playing the WildStar winter beta ahead of the full launch next year, so here are just some of the things I immediately liked about it.

1. The devs listen. They actually take feedback really well, negative or positive. You play this game, and you will have responsive, communicative people making a great game that they love making.

2. Roads speed up travel. Novel idea.

3. Paths (settler, scientist, explorer, soldier) add another layer of content and enjoyment, plus a few handy-dandy skills. Don't think that it will drastically change up what you are used to, but it will increase enjoyment. Be warned, you will probably love a certain path, hate a different path, and be "meh" about the other 2. That is the nature of gamer personalities and why it works so well. The skills are useful in everyday leveling and MMO life: explorers have a temporary teleport beacon (so they can reset a jumping puzzle, for example), Scientists get a group rally teleport, Settlers can basically build a small town in the wilderness with a mailbox, campfire, crafting table, abilities kiosk, etc, and Soldiers can call in an airdrop of weapons or heal to full outside of combat (and PvP).