WildStar is a game about controlling a fantasy character from a third-person perspective
WildStar is a game about controlling a fantasy character (though actually, the troubled world of Nexus is one of both magic and high technology, its former rulers the Eldan having departed in mysterious circumstances) from a third-person perspective in an online world full of other players, fighting angry monsters in the hope of experience points and loot, and pressing number keys to activate special attacks.

It's also a game that offers you a theoretically profoundly different experience and even a different vision of itself, depending if you gravitate towards fighting, exploring, collecting or socialising.

You pick one of these four play styles in addition to picking a race - humans, fey, bunny-eared Aurin or towering, glowering mercenaries the Granok - and a class. Maybe you're a blade-wielding Warrior, maybe you're the weapon-enchanting gunman known as a Spellsinger, maybe you're one of the psychic support class called Espers, maybe you're one of the archetypes we don't know about yet.

In Wildstar, besides the race and the class, you have to choose a path for your character. The path enables you to complete additional quests connected with what you like to do. Moreover, gaining higher levels in your path provides special skills.

This path should be chosen by those eager to fight a lot. As a Soldier, you will be receiving quests in majority connected with killing. Sometimes you will have to murder someone, sometimes protect somebody. You will also have the opportunity to rescue innocent citizens from the hands of cruel monsters or mercenaries.


Back Into the Fray - Lets you heal yourself to 100% hp. Usable only out of combat.

Tactical Retreat - Takes you and your group to a safe zone.

Combat Supply Drop - Drops a box of weapons for you and your group. These weapons enable skills such as stuns, etc.