WildStar Game Guide: About Combat
With its bold visual style, intriguing interplanetary setting, and charming personality, WildStar is shaping up to be one of our most anticipated titles amongst the many MMORPGs on the horizon. Carbine Studios is doubling down on a bunch of innovative concepts that should spice up the familiar MMO formula, including a biggie: Paths. This life choice is but another facet in the process of character creation, but it feels even more important than race and class. That's because Paths aim to fulfill all the less-obvious needs that players have as they spend hours upon hours in a virtual world. Things like the curiosity of collectors; the need to explore; the desire to create a community; the will to slay any and all enemies.

We already know about the Explorer and Soldier paths from our previous looks at the game, but Carbine Studios recently invited us to check out the newly elucidated Settler and Scientist paths. Resident MMO nuts Lucas and Lorenzo leapt at the opportunity and joined the Exile faction; now they want to share all their findings with you.

The combat in Wildstar is very dynamic and there's no time for standing in one place. No matter if you're are a tank, a DPS or a healer, you always have to be on the move. The most important skill for evading attacks is "dodge", which you can use twice in a short period of time. If you use up all the charges, you have to wait until the bar is full again. You can see the icon of that skill right next to the health bar. The number indicates how many dodges you can still perform. The battles aren't easy, but you will get used to them quickly.

There are also other ways to avoid enemy's attacks. You can try and stun the enemy when they are casting a spell. You can also ask a tank to use taunt and draw the mob's aggro.

The authors have made sure that every type of monster has different set of skills, so you never know what to expect when fighting against a new enemy. Playing as a tank, you can survive a lot of damage, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to avoid hits.