WildStar features eight playable races, four for each faction
WildStar, a game from NCSOFT, is a title that catches your eye with its ‘Jak and Daxter’ art style. You think by sight alone it’s a soft, humor-based, game with some light action RPG elements, but people that’s only the tip. This game is an awesomely packed onion with layers upon layers of content, challenges, customizable creativity, and yes even character cruelty. There’s more than meets the eye here people, in fact I dare say that even gamers who don’t like the standard MMO game might be interested in what this game offers.

WildStar features eight playable races, four for each faction. If you want to play as the Exiles (similar to WoW’s Alliance) you can choose from Human, Aurin, Granok or Mordesh. If, however, you want to play as Dominion, your chooses are Cassian, Draken, Mechari or Chua. I played as a Mordesh and a Mechari, although I found the Class and Path choices had a greater impact on the game. Of course the racial aesthetics vary widely, the gameplay is obviously dependent on the other character choices. That said, I certainly enjoyed the look and feel of my characters – they were off-beat and alternative while still being relatable and fun.

Plenty has happened over the last seven days on Nexus, with hitting the level cap of 50 probably being the most significant thing. What that means is that I have now experienced every zone in the game and finally delved into the world story, but it also means that I’ve had chance to sample every aspect of the PvE content, which is handy considering today I’ll be talking about the array of activities players can get up to in WildStar.

It's rare that any major video game release lives up to my expectations. Games nowadays have teasers for their full trailers, posters, commercials, swag, and every other marketing ploy you can come up with to create unprecedented hype for whatever game their trying to push out the retail doors. With that being said, we've been following WildStar here at Den of Geek very closely for quite some time, and I can't remember any other game I've personally been so excited for in my life. More importantly, I can't remember a game I've been so excited for in my life that has actually lived up to the hype behind it. WildStar is the latest game to do just that.