WildStar’s free open beta only goes until May 18th
WildStar is unique in the fact that it seems to take some old-school philosophies, and add-in a lot of the new hotness that the current generation of MMOs have evolved recently. The fact that there are former World of Warcraft devs  present on the Carbine team really shows in the core ideas of the game, but the studio has done more with those elements than create just another “WoW clone”.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be taking a look at WildStar, talking about what it brings to the MMO genre, and discussing what we like and don’t like about the game. Since we are just a few days into the launch of the game, let’s take a look at what the launch experience was like, and what the first few levels have to offer. The NCsoft booth will allow visitors to pre-order WildStar for a chance to win a replica of the Lego rocket house being built at the booth, and the publisher will be selling Rowsdower plushies for $18 as well.

PAX East will also include three panels featuring WildStar developers. ET in the Main Theatre on Friday, April 11, Carbine will show off the upcoming MMO and answer fans' questions. Stephan Frost, design producer at Carbine, will appear on two other panels, "Next Generation MMO Games: What's Next for Multiplayer Trends & Tech" (2-3 p.m., Saturday, April 12, Condor Theatre) and " - The Future of Online Games" (4:30-5:30 p.m., Saturday, April 12, Albatross Theatre).

And so I stand on the shores of Nexus, the mysteries of the Eldan before me, and Sirion the spell-slinging Draken soldier of the Dominion really couldn’t care less. The tragedy of it all is compounded by the game’s hilarious style. A jazzy level-up notification, smart-talking NPCs, and an awesome soundtrack are all elements of a top-notch game. But they only make you want more, and there isn’t enough.

If you were looking forward to a new sci-fi MMO with the same old trappings wearing a different hat, WildStar should entertain you – so long as the price is right. If, however, like me, you believed the hype and were expecting something new, you might want to look elsewhere. Act fast if you want to try it: WildStar’s free open beta only goes until May 18th.