The Wildstar class system takes a bit of a sideways look at the traditional models
WildStar is a sci-fi MMORPG where two factions – the oppressive empire of the Dominion, and the ragtag group of rebels that are the Exiles – vie for control of a newly found planet called Nexus. Both groups are there because it is believed to be the home planet of the Eldan, a hyper-advanced race that hasn’t been seen in a millennia, and it’s up to the players to tame the wilds of Nexus to forge a new home, fight for the honour of their chosen faction, and discover the reason why the Eldan aren’t around anymore.

WildStar open beta has come to an end and Carbine Studios is ready to open the doors to the MMORPG's final version. But just before the early birds get in, the studio is revealing a new trailer that serves to recap some of the game's primary features and make one final case to draw in new players.

The new trailer seeks to show off what makes WildStar different from its contemporaries. This includes its third-person combat system, robust player housing, deep customization options, arenas and battlegrounds, massive Warplot battles, and an Adventure mode with branching paths.

The Wildstar class system takes a bit of a sideways look at the traditional models. Rather than cookie cutter versions of Mages, Healers and Rogues who are only really useful in their typical roles, we instead get classes such as Spellsingers, Engineers and Stalkers who are able to essentially play a variety of roles.

Carbine Studios have really pushed the boat out when it comes to questing in Wildstar. Turning in quests can be done remotely via your communication system – so no more running backwards and forwards  - and there are the inclusion of challenges. These can take the form of specific challenges involving the current quest you are on. There are also quests and challenges that revolve around exploration, lore, and even speed running; such as climbing an object in the fastest time. Overall it makes the core experience of the game just far more rewarding to engage with.