The story of Wildstar is quite rich and the start of this adventure will takes us 2000 years to the past
There is a new player on the market from NCSOFT: Wildstar. Recently, we had the chance to take a look at and experience the gameplay of this new MMORPG. Definitely read on if you want to learn more about this game.

The story of Wildstar is quite rich and the start of this adventure will takes us 2000 years to the past. One of the biggest key players are the Cassians. The Eldan, inhabitants of the planet Nexus and one of the best developed species in the galaxy, thought that this race would be perfect as intergalactic dominators. Therefore, the Eldan send some ambassadors to the Cassians with a simple request. Give the Eldan the legendary swords and gain extraordinary gifts or die. As they had no other choice, the lesser race gave their treasure to the Eldan. In return, they received an astonishing hybrid leader and amazing technology.

In a typical MMO, players are propelled through the world by a series of quests that move from zone to zone. Wildstar isn't breaking any new ground here. I completed hundreds of quests, most of which were RPG standbys: kill this many enemies, collect this many items, go here and press "f" to interact with something in the environment.

Rather than supplanting that traditional structure, Wildstar's paths supplement it, providing even more things to do in the already massive world. I chose the Explorer path, which centers on sending players to every corner of each zone to find hidden caverns, beautiful vistas and new land to claim in your faction's name — generally things I was more excited to chase than the regular quests.

This new leader had only one message: Everyone had to swear their loyalty to him and be part of the world dominion. This is how one of the two factions, “the Dominions”, was created. There were races that didn’t want to bow before this new tyrant. As there was more and more disagreement between the authorities and the other races, “the Exiles” was made. This alliance served as a “home” for all those that rebelled against the Dominions.