The Developers of Escape From Tarkov Will Not Create Playable Women Characters
Escape from Tarkov has been around for a few years now, but the game just recently became hugely popular thanks to Twitch streamers like Dr DisRespect and Pestily. This increased attention on Escape from Tarkov is no doubt appreciated by studio Battlestate Games, but it's also come with some added scrutiny and criticism. In particular, an interview that an Escape from Tarkov developer gave in 2016 is coming under fire, thanks to a controversial statement about women not being able to handle the stress of war.

Battlestate Games addressed the question of a female player character option on Monday after internauts seeking an answer found a dodgy one in an interview from 2016. Back then, Battlestate’s Pavel Dyatlov told Wccftech they had considered playable warlasses “but we came to the conclusion that women are not allowed to be in the war.” When the interviewer pushed back that women are in the military, Dyatlov gave the remarkable answer:

“I can agree with you and we discussed it for a very long time, but we came to the conclusion that women can’t handle that amount of stress. There’s only place for hardened men in this place.” With that daftness circulating again and drawing ridicule, Battlestate addressed the interview on Monday in a tweet. “The answers were done by one, not a key BSG employee which probably were misinterpreted and as a result didn’t reflect the official position of the company, that we always respected women in wars and military women,” they said. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe EFT Dollars For Sale.

Following this, Battlestate Games issued a statement about the interview. The studio pointed out that the article was three years old, and that the answers did not represent Battlestate Games as a whole, just the opinion of one employee. The studio added that it respects "women in wars and military women." It also claimed that the "employee was reprimanded and properly instructed," though it's unclear if that happened at the time of the interview or now.

Escape From Tarkov has been in early access for a few years, but has seen a resurgence in popularity lately. The first-person shooter became one of the most-watched titles on Twitch at the start of the new year as part of a limited-time promotion put on by Battlestate Games, and reports suggest the game will arrive on Steam at some point in the future. There may even be a console port somewhere in there.