The character creation in WildStar is mostly what we’re used to
I am a tiny, rabbity, dog-like rat. I bounce around the world gleefully, with a wry smile and a sense of adventure. I am one of the most evil, feared and murderous creatures in the galaxy. And I’ve been imprisoned within a theme park for my crimes.

It’s a new theme park, covered in brightly coloured fresh coats of paint and filled to the brim with activities demanding my attention. There’s a war raging on throughout the planet Nexus, but I keep forgetting that I’m not on holiday.

WildStar has charm oozing out of every orifice, case in point my adorable, mustacheod avatar. But beneath that it relies on a long list of genre conventions. It is simultaneously disappointing and impressive that Carbine has managed to so deftly create the epitome of the theme park MMO.

The character creation in WildStar is mostly what we’re used to. There are 8 races to choose from divided into 2 factions (Humans, Granok, Aurin and Mordesh for the Exiles and Cassian, Mechari, Draken and Chua for the Dominion), and then there are the character classes comprising of Warrior, Spellslinger, Esper, Medic, Stalker and Engineer. This is where WildStar starts to get a little bit different, while staying close enough to the accepted standard that you will easily understand what the different classes do without too much research. I’m going to try to avoid comparing WildStar to the obvious other MMO, but it boils down to having four essential roles spread across the six classes: tank, melee DPS, ranged DPS and healer.

Here are some General wildstar Tips for you:

    1. Leaving your character in the house after logging of will earn you more Rest XP than in other places.

    2.Once a day, near the teleport in your house, you can collect one of three experience bonuses.

    3.Not every item can be improved by a rune.

    4. You can obtain a higher level in your Path only by completing the quests that show up in the bottom right corner of the interface.

    5. From the 20 level you can have two skill bars.