Tencent Games Holds Roblox to Train Next Generation Chinese Creators
On May 29th, Tencent Games announced a strategic partnership with Roblox, the world's largest digital creation tool, to explore STEM education applications with digital authoring tools and to train the next generation of Chinese creators.

The Economic Observer Online reporter learned from Tencent that the two sides will establish a joint venture company in Shenzhen to teach coding foundation, game design, digital citizenship and entrepreneurial skills.


For this strategic cooperation, Ma Xiaoyu, Senior Vice President of Tencent, said: “We are very pleased to be able to cooperate with Roblox. We believe that technology can stimulate creativity and imagination to help Chinese students. Our cooperation with Roblox To provide an interactive platform for young people of all ages in China to develop their programming, design and entrepreneurial skills."

In addition, the two parties will officially launch the “Education Pioneer Program” in China, which includes a series of programs for youth education, ranging from STEM education to classroom education, from online training to summer camps, and gamification courses for primary and secondary schools. This summer, the Education Pioneer Program will offer scholarships to sponsor 15 youth creators nationwide and attend a one-week STEM summer camp at Stanford University.

Launched in 2004, Roblox is an AOL multiplayer creation platform that combines the world with fun. The platform allows users to design their own games, items and clothing, and to play with different types of games created by themselves and other developers.

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