Starlit Adventures is a game primarily for mobile
Starlit Adventures,Developed and published by Rockhead Studios, this free-to-play single-player platform action adventure is a colourful family friendly affair. Originally released in May 2018 for PlayStation, its popularity ensured that it would port to Xbox One, and it eventually arrived in July 2020. It’s a title that is easy to pick up and play and is aimed mainly at lower skill level gamers and a younger audience.

The plot is wafer thin but then this is a game primarily for mobile. A mysterious big baddie looking like a nightmarish Furby appears and steals the stars from all the other Starlits where Bo & Kikki are living. The two decide they must suit up and rescue the stars for their friends. Bo & Kikki are an inseparable pair, with Bo riding Kikki’s back as they traverse by digging, planting bombs, jumping and shooting the various, rather cute, bad guys. Strange birds, bears and fish get in the way but most are easily disposed of Mario-style by jumping on their heads. Otherwise, Bo can throw a boomerang or fire arrows, depending on how Bo & Kikki are dressed.

Due to its somewhat childish style, Starlit Adventures may go unnoticed by the vast majority of the public, after all it looks like a game made by Discovery Kids. But it can be quite challenging if you don't pay attention. As I said before, the objective of the game is to guide Bo and Kikki through the levels, in which the player must collect gems and stars, and these will unlock more levels and worlds ahead.

Gameplay-wise, this is a very simple game to understand: go down using a drill, get to the end as fast as you can, collect coins, and avoid obstacles and monsters. The game ends when you stay on the top for too long or if you hit an obstacle or enemy. Get to the end in a short period, and you get to reap cool rewards and more bounty than normal rates.

It follows a standard platform adventure routine. Grab the collectables and take on a main boss at the end of each world. A variety of unique gameplay mechanics must be understood and used correctly to progress. You may prepare for a stage incorrectly, and have the wrong tools for the job at hand, but it matters not. You merely have to reach your goal, alter your approach and outfit and start again.

For a game with such cute graphics and a plot that is totally safe for children, Starlit Adventures can be punishingly hard in places, and I do wonder if the simplicity of the story and the bright, colourful characters jar a bit with the difficulty in places. I think older children will find the game too cutesy but will be able to play it, whilst the younger ones who may love the idea of playing with mum or dad and adorable Starlits may find the game a bit too unforgiving in places.

Best of all, it feels like an entirely double-A game but made for a free-to-play platform. That makes it accessible for all people as long as they have the system to run it.

Tokens are Starlit Adventures' premium currency, and you can get them by filling up your experience bar (by unlocking achievements), then leveling up. It's as simple as that, and you'll also be rewarded by getting a bonus stage unlocked, among other freebies. Or, you can choose to buy cheap Starlit Adventures Tokens Top Up service for Android/IOS/PS4/Xbox One from, no hack, no cheats, 100% safe!