Rising Super Chef 2 is really nice and challenging cooking time management game app
Rising Super Chef 2 is a challenging mobile app with a twist on the traditional cooking time-management games.  This level guide is provided to help you along the way.  It includes bonus order information that can help you in guessing mystery orders or preparing for bonus order to increase the points or time you can earn during game play.

Get ready for the cooking madness in Rising Super Chef 2, and dive yourself into a fast-paced cooking craze! Our apprentice cook has caught a cooking fever and is going to be a top master chef after completing her amazing adventure. Cook through over 1000 levels, practice skills of grilling burgers, baking pizzas, frying chickens, making special desserts, all kinds of coffee, etc., and master hundreds of tasty dishes in the moving restaurant. Dash around the kitchen scramble serving your hungry customers.

Tap as fast as you can, follow the recipes, grab the ingredients and put them to the appliances to cook world-wide tasty cuisines. Your brilliant cooking techniques and cool math game skills will be very helpful for time management. As you become more and more skillful, upgrade the gears to help you overcome all the challenges. If you want to Buy Rising Super Chef 2 Cash, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Each game level has a minimum Coin goal requirement.  There are 3 types of challenges:  Timed challenge, Lost Customer challenge, or Set Customer challenge.  The level icon on the game map indicates the type of challenge. Level goals can vary, but there is always a minimum Coin amount you must earn in order to pass.  Other goals include serving a specific customer a set number of times or serving a specific dish a certain number of times.

The Happiness Meter is located at the bottom left of your kitchen screen.  It fills with a little bit of happiness each time a customer is served (and happy).  Once it is full, all your customers will be happy for a short time.  Serving everyone quickly helps to refill the meter quickly.