NCSoft and Carbine Studios are on the cusp of letting press talk about Wildstar‘s content after level 15
Early game in WildStar is instanced, which serves two purposes -- to acclimate you to the game in a controlled environment, and ease the load of everyone jumping into the game at the same time. You'll learn the general setup of the the game and the planet Nexus, why both factions are warring, and so on. It's a short hour or so intro before you head off to Nexus' surface, which will happen around level three.

It's here that WildStar starts to show off its openness in terms of the leveling process. In addition to PVP, instanced dungeons, and open-world questing, you'll also be able to choose a "path" -- like exploration or combat -- that helps you earn new abilities and special path levels separately. If you just like combat, you can be a Soldier and do more quests that way, or if you're sick of fighting things constantly in every game, you can do other activities like running around and finding new locations. It's not a game-changer, but it's a refreshing change of pace from other MMOs that mostly feel like combat grinds. There are also fun world events in the form of challenges and group bosses to help mix things up.

“Carbine spent two or three years setting up tools, art styles and the base you need to make an MMO. Then the team expands. It starts with the first ten people until it grows and grows until you get to where we’re at today with a dev team that has over 200 people. These are big endeavours and they take a ton of time. World of Warcraft took about six or seven years to make.

“You need to have a vision that can hold if the market changes, or if other games come out and change people’s expectations. But also be innovative enough to have some brand new stuff that people haven’t seen before. That’s a tricky road to walk but this team has done a pretty good job of that over time.”

NCSoft and Carbine Studios are on the cusp of letting press talk about Wildstar‘s content after level 15, so we’ll soon be able to share with you more about this subscription MMORPG as the mysterious ‘done when it’s done’ release window edges ever closer.