Naraka Bladepoint is addictive multiplayer mayhem
Launching a battle royale game in 2021 is a tricky affair, particularly when the genre itself is so well defined. Popular titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, and PUBG continue to dominate the market – leaving little room for competition or originality.

Iterating on the battle royale genre is a tough job. The basic formula--arrive in an area with nothing, scavenge for supplies, be the last one standing--needs to stay intact, but everything around it can be modified to a developer's heart's content. Naraka: Bladepoint is one such example, eschewing the modern combat aesthetic of PUBG and the cartoonish whimsy of Fortnite for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The idea works very well in practice for the most part, but longevity and microtransactions get in the way of sending Naraka: Bladepoint to the top of the battle royale list.

Working through Naraka: Bladepoint’s substantial tutorial and practice bot matches, it’s pretty apparent where both the game’s strengths and challenges lie, even before diving into actual multiplayer games, impressions that remain true once the “real” matches begin. For one, combat is fast and fluid, depending heavily on precisely timed parries and counters, dodging and weapon combos. Adding to the graceful ballet of melee fighting are parkour mechanics and a useful and very flexible grappling hook. All these take considerable practice to master, in part because the controls never feel entirely natural either using mouse/keyboard or the generally more adept controller. Like me, you’ll probably end up moving back and forth between the two input devices.

The world of Naraka takes place on Morus Isle. This massive island provides for large-scale battles and numerous engaging locales to fight it out. Traveling across one of the shortest routes across the map took over six minutes to traverse. The landscape is realistic, detailed, and immense, featuring distinct locations such as temple rooftops, mining towns, and ship-wrecked coves.

While fights may seem simple at first, you’ll need to do more than spam light attacks if you wish to survive against skilled blade masters. In fact, it’s best to think of combat as a game of rock, paper, scissors. Light attacks beat parries, charged attacks beat light attacks, and parries beat charged attacks.

In addition to the setting and melee-focused combat, Naraka: Bladepoint offers an alternative to the battle royale mode with Bloodbath, essentially a deathmatch scenario. While it’s a welcome addition, in practice the flow and feel of combat are more or less the same, so it doesn’t feel as unique as it suggests.

The core gameplay mode of Naraka is basic battle royale: 60 players enter a map (though there's no dropping from the sky, you pick the square where you want to appear), weapons and items lay around for the taking, the last one standing gets the glory. Items include Souljades--gems that buff my stats when equipped--weapons, armor, and in a new twist repair kits.

Naraka: Bladepoint is addictive multiplayer mayhem. This game is beautiful and a blast to play. However, some aspects took away from the final experience. UI and in-game menus were difficult to navigate using a controller. Items on the field can become so tightly packed together that it becomes bothersome to try and find the item you’re looking for. This often leads to you having to run away to drop your weapons in items in other areas to go back and sort through the pile of items. There was quite a bit of poor connection from servers that could hinder gameplay too.

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