How to find a player hot zones in NBA 2K22 across the various game modes
Since its introduction in the NBA 2K series, hot zones have been either a blessing or a curse for users. Shooting from one of your hot zones will increase the likelihood of the attempt falling in. On the other hand, cold zones will negatively affect your shot percentage.

In NBA 2K22, hot zones are important. Players who shoot from their hot zones generally have a better chance at making a shot on the court. But where can you find these charts in 2K22? Let’s detail how you can find a player’s hot zones in NBA 2K22 across the various game modes.

Last year, Hot Zones fundamentally changed how we played the game. In past years, Hot Zones were tied to specific modes, but as was the case this year as well as in NBA 2K22, your performance in the Neighborhood, The City, My Career and elsewhere will all impact your shooting performance. If you go cold in one, you’ll go cold in another.

NBA 2K22: How to find hot zones in various game modes?
There are two different mechanisms with respect to checking a player’s hot zone in the MyTeam and other game modes. In NBA 2K22, hot zones can be checked by simply going to the individual player’s card and selecting the hot zone option by scrolling down through the statistics until you reach the relevant section.

There is a total of 14 zones. Five of them are located outside the 3-point line, and the others are worth two points.

If a particular spot is shaded with red, it means that the player is shooting well from that area. Blue signals that the player has a low field goal percentage from that spot. Gray indicates the player is neither hot nor cold there.

Finding the hot zones in MyTeam is a bit different. To do this, find a card in your starting lineup. Do not click R/R3 to go into the player card. Instead, look towards the end of the screen until you the overall ratings. Right below that is a section where a highlighted player’s grades are indicated. Use the left stick to highlight a player, and then rotate using RT/R2 until you see the Hot Zone section.

There is also a way to quickly get and reclaim hot zones. Just follow these steps:
  • 1. Change the game difficulty to Pro. By doing so, it will be easier to hit the shot timing accurately. It will also raise your shot sliders, increasing your shot percentage.
  • 2. Set quarter length to five minutes. This will help you finish games more quickly. If you want to play a more realistic brand of game, you can just reset the quarter length to 12 minutes again once you have gotten the hot zones you are targeting.
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