How to create a Character in WildStar
Carbine Studios has finally launched its sci-fi MMORPG into orbit, so I'm strapping in, grabbing my blaster pistols, and setting course for Nexus to see what all the fuss is about. And you, my dearest would-be space adventurer, can follow my exploits in this on-going review diary!

At the start, WildStar asks players to side with one of two factions: the good-guy Exiles who've been displaced from their homes, or an evil empire called the Dominion--the group that's done all the aforementioned displacing. Each faction has four unique races, and both are vying for control of the planet Nexus, which is said to house many valuable ancient secrets.

Above, meet Abraxia, a Dominion Spellsinger (one of six classes) whom I humbly suggest you add to your list of people not to be screwed with. She’ll be our tour guide. You see her here in the Dominion tutorial area, a gothic space station that hovers high above Nexus. Let's get started, shall we?

Character creation in Wildstar is rather simple, because you don't choose any skills and don't distribute any points.

After clicking on "Create a New Character" you will be transferred to the window of creation. First of all, you have to decide what nations you want to play. You can choose between:

Exile - who are rebellions and want to create their new home at Nexus.

Dominion - they rule over half of a galaxy and are technologically advanced.

It's even more important, because you choose the side for once and all. Of course, Exile characters begin the game in one place and Dominion ones in the other one.