Gyroids make a return to Animal Crossing New Horizons
The lovable little cactus/fire hydrant-looking things known as gyroids have been a part of the Animal Crossing franchise since its inception. They have always been collectible in the series, until the most recent entry, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But the official strategy guide for the game suggests that that may soon change.

Gyroids are inspired by ancient terra-cotta figures known as haniwa that date back to the 3rd and 6th century A.D. Haniwa were made for funeral rituals to represent the deceased and were then buried with them, hence why gyroids are primarily found underground. Terracotta is made from water-based clay, which is why they often appear more after rain, leading to the common Animal Crossing villager expression, “Gyroids must like rain.”

According to a recent datamine Animal Crossing New Hoirzons will be getting vegetable gardening and even cooking. In addition to events and other unknown features that will be added to the game the official guide book gives a glimpse of hope at the return of Gyroids. If you need Buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items, you can visit our site

This fun fact probably wouldn't be questioned if it was a general guide about Animal Crossing, but because it focuses on New Horizons, it's now got the fanbase wondering if it's referring to past games, a feature that's been left out, or a possible future update. If Gyroids were added to New Horizons, it would match up with Ninji's recent datamine.

In the meantime, players should be sure to participate in the Stamp Rally Event celebrating Museum Day in New Horizons before the end of this month. Players that find all the stamps in the museum can get museum plaques from Blathers to use as decorations in their homes.