Fight in WildStar is very dynamic and there is no time for standing and watching
When most people think of a massively multiplayer online RPG their minds immediately warp to fantasy worlds. Swords clashing with shields and knights on horseback clashing with orcs and elves and dwarves. It makes sense--7 of our 10 best MMORPGs involve some degree of swords and sorcery--but there's more to the MMO genre than that.

Carbine Studios' Wildstar is a testament to that, with a giant sci-fi battle over the planet Nexus setting the stage for one of the most ambitious MMOs in years. We've seen it, played it, and talked to the developers about it, and have gathered a bunch of different facts about the game that should help you decide if it's a world worth losing a few hundred hours in.

The game is set on the planet Nexus, once inhabited by an ancient race, Eldan. Currently, it is being explored by representatives of many nations. Everyone is trying to discover the cause of the mysterious disappearance of the original inhabitants of the planet.

Fight in WildStar is very dynamic and there is no time for standing and watching. I doesn't matter who you are in-game, you have to keep moving. The main ability to avoid attacks is "dodge", which can be used twice in short intervals. When you use all charges, you have to wait a bit until the bar loads. Icon of dodge is next to the health bar and represents violet circle with a number showing how many times more you can dodge. Battles aren't simple but they are very easy to learn.

The main factor of every encounter is fact that most of enemies is very mobile and uses skills which show range before they are casted. Thanks to that, you can try to dodge them.

Not only dodge may save you against the monster. When monster prepares to attack, you can stun him to interrupt. You can also ask your friend to taunt the enemy, what also interrupts his current action.