Combat in Wildstar is a lot more engaging than your average MMO
There is truly a lot of lore hidden in the world of Wildstar, most of which is to be had from a rather large abundance of books, audio logs and other such text that has been carelessly littered throughout the planet, you’ll only really get a sense of this if you are willing to spend your time digging around for it. This means that a lot is left unknown as you spend your time leveling up and relying on short and random bursts of cinematic greatness to guide you along your verse of the Nexus history books.

During my time in the game I played an explorer, in which I used the game’s surprisingly adequate platforming mechanics to scour the map for secret locations while getting to know a region in its entirety. As someone who loved exploring in other MMOs, I appreciated the extra incentive to go out and wander the colorful landscape. Paths are a delightful way for players to personally tailor their gameplay experience, and they offer a nice break from typical quest grinding.

Monsters and players alike use a slew of abilities that have an area of affect that extends from the user, in red, blue, and in the case of healing spells, green. Instead of targeting an enemy or party member, you must align your ability’s field with your objective before pushing the hotkey. Luckily you can move around while all of this is happening, but it still gives combat a frantic, fast paced feel that’s equally exciting and fun. You’ll quickly learn to jump out of the path of powerful enemy attacks and make use of your stun abilities. Some enemies might even use radiating attacks with longer cast times, but whose area of effect gradually grows larger. Combat in Wildstar is a lot more engaging than your average MMO – a most welcome achievement.

Here are some great WildStar Addons for you.

The leading way of turning your game into an Excel spreadsheet or, perhaps more accurately, displaying the state of your entire raid’s health in an orderly format. Healers will likely make the most use of Grid, but it’s a fine way to check the group at a glance for others as well.

Replaces a bunch of default interface elements like your health bar with simplified versions. These can be dragged and resized like regular ol’ Windows windows. It appears that no actual tuberous crops are involved.