Blizzard intend to remove WoW Classic layering system
Since the launch of WoW Classic, players have increasingly begun to abuse the layering system, which was put in place by Blizzard to guarantee server stability. Blizzard recently addressed the growing concerns around their decision to rely on layering to ease population issues on the busiest servers.

Vanilla WoW didn’t have such systems as players were required to find their own groups and get to know other players on their servers. Many fans are also hoping to see a crackdown on the Spy Classic add-on which aids players in PvP encounters. Spy Classic alerts you when an enemy player is nearby. The add-on can tell you their race, class, and level. You can fix the add-on to even announce an enemy’s presence in chat channels.

Blizzard said on the WoW forums that the WoW Classic layering abuse isn’t bad. Apparently, realms only have a single-digit number of layers. Which must mean they don’t go over ten. This also means that most players aren’t using the layering to level faster or to farm more herbs and ore. Also, doing /who in your chat box won’t tell you how many people are on your layer. That’s because the realm population is what shows in the search results.

Layering is a technology introduced for the launch of WoW Classic. Similar to sharding, a practice in which splits certain areas to prevent server load and which has been around in MMOs for years, layering splits entire the entire continent, rolling the concept out server-wide.

Fortunately for players who aren’t fans of layering, Blizzard have stated that they intend to remove the system altogether as soon as they can. Once players are more spread out in the world, rather than being concentrated in the early zones, and perhaps some of the initial hype has died down, it should be possible for servers to exist as a single ‘layer’ without being problematically over-crowded. Moreover, provides safe world of warcraft classic gold for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.