What is WildStar C.R.E.D.D?
WS C.R.E.D.D is the abbreviation of WildStar Certificate of Research, Exploration, Destruction and Development. This is the item issued by the official which can be exchanged with other players for WildStar Gold. In return, those who do not want to pay the monthly fee can sell their gold for CREDD and pay for the subscription fee.
Where to buy Cheapest WildStar Gold?
You can farm to get the WS currency like Copper, Siler, Gold and Platinum. But this would not be enough for your housing. Buy WS Gold at wildstarmoney.com would be much efficient. We would generate discount coupons for our loyal customers to make sure that they get the most competitive market price.
What kind of Payment do you accept for WS service?
We accept Paypal, PayPal Credit Card, Western Union and other secure credit/ Debit Card payments powered by Moneybookers. If you still can not find the payment choice that suits you best, you can contact our online service. With the worldwide payment method, there is no need for you to worry about the payment security issues.
How soon can you deliver the WildStar Platinum Order?
Generally, it only take less than 15 minutes. If it is your first order, make sure that you confirm your order by phone. We would call our first order customer by phone to make sure that his credit cards are not hacked.